What to Do in Malta When It Rains: 15 Fun Indoor Ideas

A bright red phone booth beside a historic building on Republic Street in Valletta. You can still wander the capital city when it rains in Malta.
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Wondering what to do in Malta when it rains? You’re in the right place!

The Mediterranean island of Malta is known for its 300 days of sunshine, crystal-clear waters, and rich history. But what happens when the sun takes a day off and dumps buckets of rain on your holiday?

We explored this magnificent country for 12 days and know that Malta’s charm is not solely dependent on its weather.

Rainy days here can uncover a whole new side of the island, one that’s interesting and full of surprises.

From exploring ancient underground catacombs and learning about the island’s history to indulging in Maltese cuisine and culture, we’ve got you covered with the 15 best things to do in Malta when it rains.

Grab your umbrella, and let us show you that the fun doesn’t stop when the clouds roll in!

What to Do in Malta When It Rains

There is no need to sit around in your hotel room waiting for better weather.

Here are the best historical, cultural, educational, and FUN things to do in Malta on a rainy day.

1. Visit Valletta

The interior of St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta. The long nave is decorated in blue, pink and yellow ceiling frescos with gold archways. Exploring Valletta's gems is perfect for a rainy day in Malta.

Some of the best things to do in Valletta are perfect for a rainy day visit.

✔️Grand Master’s Palace: Wander through the opulent halls, admire the Baroque architecture, and listen to tales of the knights.

✔️Caffe Cordina: Enjoy lunch at one of the oldest and most iconic cafés in Malta, located on popular Republic Street.

✔️Casa Rocca Piccola: Get a peek into noble Maltese life at this beautiful 16th-century palace with ancient artifacts and lavish rooms.

2. Explore Underground Sights

A single light on the left illuminating tunnels and burial chambers of St. Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat. Wondering what to do in Malta when it rains? Exploring the underground historical sites is a must.

There is no better time than a rainy day in Malta to explore the island’s incredible underground sights.

✔️St. Paul’s Catacombs: Complex network of underground decorated burial chambers dating back to the Roman period.

✔️Ghar Dalam Cave: Archaeological site featuring fossil remains of extinct animals and early human artifacts dating back 500,000 years.

✔️Mellieha Air Raid Shelter: A network of tunnels and rooms was built during World War II to protect civilians from air raids.

✔️Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum: Ancient underground burial site with intricate chambers, and passages, dating back to around 4000 BC.

✔️Lascaris War Rooms: A WWII command center with secret corridors showcasing the island’s wartime strategies and preserved equipment.

HELPFUL TIP: Visiting these sights is easier if you rent a car in Malta, as efficient public transportation is lacking.

3. Museum Hop

The exterior of Malta's Maritime Museum in the 3 Cities. The limestone building sits on the edge of the harbor, surrounded by boats. It is one of the best things to do in Malta when it rains.

Museum hopping is another excellent way to spend a rainy day in Malta. Learning about its unique history is one of the reasons Malta is worth visiting.

There are numerous museums sprinkled around the island.

✔️Malta Maritime Museum: Learn about Malta’s maritime history with exhibits of ships, artifacts, and navigational equipment.

✔️National Museum of Archaeology: A popular museum featuring prehistoric artifacts highlighting Malta’s ancient civilizations.

✔️National Museum of Fine Arts: Art lovers will appreciate the exhibits from the medieval period to the contemporary era.

✔️Malta Postal Museum: A fun, quirky museum with a collection of stamps, equipment, and postal memorabilia.

Most of these museums are located in Valletta, so we recommend staying at the Valletta Lucente Hotel, a charming hotel in the historic center.

4. Discover Mdina’s Magic

A brown sign hanging from a limestone wall of a narrow alley in Mdina. There is a red door below a elegant balcony with red window shutters above. Mdina is a must visit, rain or shine!

The ancient walled city of Mdina is one of the best Malta towns to visit. You will feel like you are transported to medieval times with these unique attractions.

✔️Knights of Malta: Celebrate Malta’s history by immersing yourself in the intriguing world of knights.

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✔️Mdina Dungeons Museum: Step into and explore underground chambers where prisoners were held and tortured during the medieval period.

✔️The Mdina Experience: showcases Mdina’s unique history through a multimedia audio-visual show.

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✔️Fontanella Tea Garden: Enjoy delicious cakes and beautiful panoramic views, even when it’s raining!

5. Visit Malta’s 359 Churches    

A close up of a beautiful dome surrounded by windows in one of Malta's 359 churches.

Yes, you read that right. Malta has 359 churches you can visit, each with its unique history and architectural style.

Here are some of the most popular churches.

✔️St. John’s Co-Cathedral: Known for its lavish Baroque interior and Caravaggio’s famous painting “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist,” this church is in Valletta.

✔️Ta’ Pinu Basilica: This significant pilgrimage site in Għarb is known for its miraculous healing.

✔️Mosta Dome: Also known as the Rotunda of Mosta, it is a must-visit for its impressive dome structure and WWII history.

Other impressive churches include Mdina’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, Mellieha Parish Church, and The Cittadella & St. George’s Basilica on the island of Gozo.

HELPFUL TIP: You can take your rental car on the Malta Gozo ferry… so no need to line up in the rain for the ferry!

6. Dive into Malta’s History

There are 2 knights holding colorful flags wearing traditional armored suites with red leggings, pant, shirts & feather atop their heads. Another man is playing a single drum wearing bright purple and orange costume. Learning about Malta's history is a fantastic way to spend a rainy day in Malta.

For those interested in Malta’s fascinating history, you won’t be disappointed.

And since English is an official language in Malta, there is no need to translate the presentations!

✔️Inquisitor’s Palace: Learn about the intriguing past of religious authority and daily life in Malta during the Inquisition period.

✔️St. Elmo’s Fort & National War Museum: Dive into Malta’s role in military history, from the Great Siege of 1565 to WWII.

✔️Malta 5D: This cinema experience combines sight, sound, and movement to bring Malta’s history to life.

✔️The Malta Experience: Learn the history of the Maltese islands narrated through an engaging audiovisual presentation.

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7. Embrace the Arts

A collection of pink blown glass jars, cups and vases. Immersing yourself in the arts and visiting the craft village is a wonderful thing to do in Malta when it rains.

We think one of the best things to do in Malta when it rains is to embrace Maltese arts and crafts.

✔️Mdina Glass Malta: They sell locally made blown glass art including vases, bowls, ornaments, etc. We fell in love and purchased a gorgeous glass vase to ship back to Canada!

✔️Ta’ Qali Crafts Village: A collection of artist studios where they create and sell handmade lace and leather goods to woodworking, ceramics, and blown glass.

It’s an authentic cultural experience to watch the artists create pieces on-site. Plus, you can purchase an original souvenir.

HELPFUL TIP: Ta’ Qali Crafts Village is only an 18-minute drive from Valletta. Just remember, the Maltese drive on the left!

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8. Dinner & Show

A delicious seafood pasta with mussels served on a green ceramic dish. Sampling Maltese cuisine is perfect for what to do in Malta when it rains.

If you’re in Valletta when it rains, head to one of Malta’s best restaurants to enjoy the rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

Try the traditional rabbit stew, fresh seafood, or pastizzi, a savory pastry filled with ricotta or peas. You can even pair your meal with a glass of locally made wine.

Then, head to the Manoel Theatre, one of Europe’s oldest working theatres.

Take in a theatre performance or concert surrounded by beautiful Baroque architecture and full of Malta’s magic.

Or enjoy a 4-course dinner and a traditional folklore show at Ta’ Marija Restaurant in the romantic town of Mosta.

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9. Join a Cooking Class

Two people with white aprons on preparing a Mediterranean meal. There are red peppers, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes and bread on the counter, along with two glasses of white wine. Joining a cooking class is the perfect thing to do when it rains in Malta.

Malta is known for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Rain or shine, joining a cooking class to experience the culture firsthand is a must on any Malta itinerary.

Learn how to make pastizzi, timpana (a baked pasta dish), or homemade pizza.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your delicious creations, but it’s a great activity for families and friends to enjoy together.

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Or you could join a Chocolate and Wine class for something a little more casual.

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Either way, you’ll get to taste some of Malta’s best traditional dishes and learn about the culture through its food.

10. Spa Day

A massage room at 66 Saint Pauls Hotel & Spa in Valletta. the walls are traditional limestone, there is a large wooden chair in the corner, and a massage table on the right side. Candles are lit and there are flowers on a stand at the back.
Relaxing at a spa and getting a massage at 66 Saint Paul’s & Spa in Valletta is the best thing to do in Malta when it rains.

A rainy day in Malta is perfect for relaxation and self-care. Many of the best adult only hotels in Malta have a luxurious spa just waiting for you!

Stimulate your senses with a deep cleansing facial before enjoying a hot stone massage in a couple’s room.

Or why not try a Lime & Ginger body scrub? There are countless ways to pamper yourself while on vacation.

3 Amazing Spas in Malta:
👉MyoKa Lotus Spa
👉Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz
👉Carisma Spa & Wellness International

11. Get Lucky at the Casino

A black jack table with 3 players who have all bet and have 2 or 3 cards laid out in front of them. The dealer is standing in front of colorful chips and wearing black. If you're wondering what to do in Malta on a rainy day, head to one of 3 casinos in Malta.

Why not head indoors and try your luck at one of Malta’s famed casinos?

✔️The Dragonara Casino: Set in a majestic palace, it offers a variety of games and an unforgettable experience with stunning Mediterranean views.

✔️Portomaso Casino: Known for hosting prestigious poker tournaments, this casino provides a more upscale gaming environment.

✔️Casino Malta: The largest casino in Malta promises an exciting night with a huge variety of games, entertainment, and themed events.

12. Indoor Sports & Activities

A teenage boy climbing a rock wall. He is wearing a bright blue shirt, tan pants and a safety harness. The wall has rocks of different shapes and sizes. This is a fantastic activity for families to do when it rains in Malta.

For those who enjoy staying active, Malta offers an assortment of indoor sports and activities to choose from.

✔️Gebla Climbing: Challenge yourself and test your strength and agility with indoor rock climbing on an expertly designed wall.

✔️Velocity Trampoline Park: This indoor trampoline park is the perfect way to burn off energy and is exciting for both kids and adults.

✔️Eden Superbowl: A classic choice for family entertainment or a night out with friends.

13. Go Shopping

Looking down a 3 story circular atrium at a shopping mall. People are walking around on all levels with shops lining the central atrium. There is a yellowish tone to the whole image.

Still wondering what to do on a rainy day in Malta?

Sliema and St. Julian’s are home to the best shopping malls on the island. You’ll find everything from high-end designer stores to fashion boutique shops.

✔️The Point Shopping Mall: Located in Sliema, this mall has over 50 shops and restaurants, and an outdoor promenade with views of Valletta’s skyline.

✔️Bay Street Complex: This shopping center in St. Julian’s offers a mix of international brands and local shops, as well as a cinema and restaurants.

14. Learn About Nature & Science

People silhouetted at the bottom of the frame looking into a huge blue aquarium with 3 whale sharks and fish swimming. Learning about nature and science is the perfect thing to do in Malta when it rains.

If you’re looking for a more educational and entertaining experience for kids on a rainy day in Malta?

Check out these options that focus on nature & science.

✔️Malta National Aquarium: Explore the underwater world without getting wet at this aquarium, which showcases over 100 different species of fish and other marine life.

✔️Esplora Interactive Science Centre: A must-visit for families, this science center has tons of interactive exhibits geared for kids that will make learning about science and technology fun and engaging.

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15. Have Fun & Play

Three teenagers playing laser tag. The boy is in the middle wearing a vest with red lights, while the 2 girls have one blue and purple vests. The background is black,

For those who enjoy games and activities, Malta has plenty of options to choose from.

Playmobil FunPark: This indoor play area is perfect for younger kids, with life-sized Playmobil characters and themed play areas that will keep them entertained for hours.

Escape Rooms: Test your problem-solving skills by trying out one of the many escape rooms in Malta, where you must solve puzzles and clues to escape a themed room within a certain time limit.

Laser Tag Malta: Gather your friends or family for an adrenaline-fueled game of laser tag at this indoor arena. Perfect for team-building or just a fun day out.

MULTIMAXX Entertainment Center: This family-friendly entertainment center has a variety of games and activities, including bowling, mini-golf, arcade games, and more.

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The beautiful Ta' Pinu Basilica Shrine in Malta, with a grey sky overhead. This is one of the largest shrines and perfect to visit when it rains in Malta.

FAQs: What to Do in Malta When it Rains

Where to go in Malta when it’s raining?

When it’s raining in Malta, there are still plenty of indoor activities and attractions to choose from. Some popular options include the Malta National Aquarium, Esplora Interactive Science Centre, Playmobil FunPark, escape rooms, laser tag arenas, and family entertainment centers like MULTIMAXX.

Does Malta have a rainy season?

Malta does not have a defined “rainy season,” as the island typically experiences mild and temperate weather throughout the year. However, the months of October through March tend to see more rainfall than other months.

Can I still enjoy outdoor activities in Malta when it’s raining?

While some outdoor activities may be affected by rain, there are still many options for enjoying the outdoors in Malta when it’s raining. For example, you can take a scenic drive around the island, visit different museums, or participate in indoor physical activities like rock climbing..

What not to miss on Malta?

Malts is full of must-see attractions including the historic capital of Valletta, the ancient temples of Ħaġar Qim, a boat tour to the famous Blue Lagoon, and enjoying traditional Maltese cuisine.

Limestone buildings and colorful banners hang above Republic Street in Valletta, one of many pedestrian only street. Caffe Cordina is the first restaurant on the left and a very popular place to go when it's raining in Malta.

Final Thoughts: What to Do in Malta When it Rains

Hopefully, we answered your question about what to do in Malta when it rains.

Whether it’s visiting a museum, exploring a Baroque church, or dining on delicious cuisine, there are many ways to embrace the Maltese culture on a gloomy day.

If those activities don’t interest you, then head out for some shopping, family entertainment, or a relaxing massage at a spa.

Malta offers a range of indoor attractions and ways to relax.

If you’re planning your vacation during the spring or fall, make sure to include some of these amazing things to do in Malta on a rainy day in your itinerary.

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